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In 2008, past Historical Society President, Howard Scotchmer donated his collection of hundreds of old Bayfield Postcards and Photgraphs.

The Howard Scotchmer Collection has been digitalized and is available for viewing at the Bayfield Archives. This collection ensures that future generations will have the opportunity to look back and see the places, people and events that make this Village so special.


Bayfield Bridge Truss Postcard

Bayfield Bridge Postcard Showing Trusses

Bayfield Bridge 1904 Postcard

1904 Bayfield River Bridge Postcard

Bayfield Beach Shoreline Postcard

Bayfield Shoreline

Bayfield Harbour Postcard 1903

1903 Bayfield Harbour Postcard

Cows Under Bayfield Bridge Postcard

Cows Under Bayfield Bridge

Downtown Bayfield Postcard

Picture of Downtown Bayfield

Beach at Bayfield Postcard

Beach at Bayfield

Bayfield Bridge and Saw Mill Postcard

Bayfield Bridge and Saw Mill

Entrance to Bayfield Harbour Postcard

Entrance to Bayfield Harbour

Bayfield Boat Club Postcard

Bayfield Boat Club

Fisherman Shanties Bayfield Harbour Postcard

Fisherman Shanties in Bayfield Harbour

Orange Parade Bayfield 1930 Postcard

1930 Orange Parade Bayfield Ontario

Ritz Hotel Bayfield

Ritz Hotel Bayfield - Destroyed by Fire Labour Day 1947

Bayfield Jowett's Grove Postcard

Jowett's Grove Bayfield Ontario