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More Photographs and Postcards have been added (July, 2012) and they can be see HERE.

The photographs in the collection date from the late 1800s and are an important part of the archives holdings that record the social history of Bayfield. The archives also has several aerial photographs of Bayfield beginning in 1948. The village's 1976 centennial year of incorporation marked the occasion to commemorate the village's history with another aerial photograph. This photograph was published as the back flyleaf in the book, Corporation of the Village of Bayfield, 1976-1985.

The history of many residential and commercial buildings in Bayfield are documented in photographs. A cross-section of some of these buildings have been included in this section.


Frank Edwards Store & Residence 1900

This photograph shows Frank Edward's store and residence, circa 1900.

Rectory Cambourne House

The Rectory later became known as the Cambourne House.

W. Jowett's Residence

W. Jowett's residence.

Bayfield Playing On The River Frozen

On the Bayfield River the water is frozen.

Bayfield Westlakes Garage

A photo of Westlakes Garage.

Bayfield Fish Shacks Old Wooden Bridge

Fish shacks near the old wooden bridge in the early 1890's.

Bayfield 1904 Frozen Flood

Flood of the century in 1904 on the Bayfield River.

Bayfield Spring Ice Breakup