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Founding of Bayfield PlaqueWELCOME!

The Bayfield Historical Society in the Village of Bayfield, Ontario, is dedicated to recording and preserving our rich historical legacy for future generations. The Historical Society discovers, collects, classifies, publishes and presents materials concerning the history of Bayfield and its people.



In order to promote the education of Bayfield area residents of all ages, the Society will discover, collect, classify and preserve any material concerning the history of the area and its people. To hold open meetings for the presentation of papers and discussions. To publish local historical material.



The Society holds regular monthly meetings, featuring interesting speakers and topics, on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30PM (February to November) at the Lion's Community Building at 6 Municipal Road in Bayfield.

To learn about details of upcoming meetings and presentations, click the link MEETINGS/EVENTS. You can also consult the Bayfield Breeze, the village’s e-newspaper published every Wednesday, at its website Bayfield Breeze.

Email reminders are sent to members to announce dates and details prior to each monthly meeting. Please provide (or update) your email address when registering membership to receive meeting reminders.





Self-Guided Walking Tour booklets are available at the Archives & Heritage Centre for $5.00.



The Archives Room, established in 1977 is housed in a historic clapboard building that was built in 1893. It originally served as a furniture/undertaker’s business. In 1929, it operated as a grocery store and in the 1940’s, local fishermen used it to build, repair and store their nets.


Bayfield ArchivesBayfield ArchivesBayfield ArchivesBayfield Archives


In 1964, Dorothy and Harold Ormand purchased and donated the building for the community. It was moved to its present location at 20 Main Street North in Bayfield in 1977.


Bayfield ArchivesBayfield ArchivesBayfield Archives


In 2013, the Bayfield Branch of the Huron County Public Library was relocated to a new adjacent and larger municipal building that also now accommodates public washrooms and a post box depot.


Bayfield ArchivesBayfield Archives


The Archival collections and records of the Society were moved into the space vacated to provide expanded facilities for cataloguing and research by villagers, visitors and the public for people and places in Bayfield and the surrounding area.  The holdings include photos, postcards, genealogy records, cemetery records, maps and assessment rolls, in addition to family collections and personal and business records donated over time.

The former Archives area has been converted into a Heritage Centre which was officially opened on May 18, 2015. The Heritage Centre features artefacts and short videos that showcase Bayfield's history.

The Heritage Centre is open to the public during the summer visitor season and at other times, by chance or appointment. Contact us for a tour or visit.